Naked Healing Touch

Holistic Complementary Therapeutic approach for Men


What is Naked Healing Touch?

be(lieve in )yourself – activate your own self-healing capacity

 The healing process is highly personal, but has a common element we all share : time. Time for ourselves, time to reconnect with the source, time to “decondition” the mind, time to create profound self-love and acceptance.

Naked Healing Touch offers guidance and support to help you in your healing journey. Mainly based on Yoga Therapy, Clinical Yoga, naturopathy and Ayurveda, it’s a holistic complementary therapeutic approach that gives you valuable tools to serve your healing path. Why holistic? Because you are a complex entity, an indivisible system structured by your body-mind-spirit unity.

  • On a clinical medical level, it provides different methods to facilitate and accompany any medical treatment and recovery period, and for some health disorders, it’s considered as an alternative medicine to manage, treat and even cure.
  • On emotional and spiritual levels, different methods will facilitate your journey into self-development and self-realization, giving you time and assistance to recover and heal. The process of exploring your true authentic nature, in a safe non-judgmental sanctuary, will improve (self-) awareness and identity, enhance talents and potential, and contribute to the realization of your true aspirations.

Yoga is not limited to physical postures and movements. Yoga, especially Yoga Therapy, is a holistic approach, on physical, mental and spiritual levels, to unify body and spirit, and regain control over your mind-ego intricacy.

Yoga Therapy tools include physical asana sequences (postures and movements), postural correction, pranayama (breathing), meditations, deep relaxation, cleansing techniques, mudras, mantras, and coupled with Ayurveda, it stretches its boundary to massages, diets, high knowledge of the body (on multiple levels), without forgetting about Tantra philosophy and ancient wisdoms. (learn more about Yoga Therapy here)

Rumi said that “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

So, instead of burring them with the illusion they will forget you, face them the best you can, smile at them, and embrace the challenge they gifted you as an opportunity to learn and improve yourself.

Individual sessions

The purpose of Naked Healing Touch is to give you the time and attention necessary to process everything you need on your journey. Each program will be designed according to your own specific needs, whether they are linked to a physical disorder or health problem (illness, chronic pain, recovery period, disability…), or a more psychic/emotional affliction.

Group sessions

During workshops and retreats, Naked Healing Touch focuses on a specific theme and approach. The purpose here is to create a safe sanctuary for every man in which every one can share whatever he needs to, and get all the benefits of the energy of the group, to heal and/or grow as a free soul, exempt of judgement, in full acceptance and compassion. One of the key-word is: mindful of inclusivity. Regarding that, these events are open to all skill levels, body types, cultural background, believes, etc; and open to men without restriction, gay, bi, or undetermined (even straight men, as it is not about sex) as long as one is open-minded and respectful of others and their own boundaries & believes.

To value this mandatory requirement, please do not presume the sexuality/faith/identity of those in the group, and be respectful of everyone’s uniqueness. Instead, without any form of judgement, be curious and with sensibility and respect, learn to know the other members of this beautiful community as you are part of their journey for a while.

The keyword, either in individual or group sessions, is,

on a personal level, self-acceptance, and on a universal level, compassion.

Whether you choose an individual or a group approach, nudity is mandatory. It creates unity, and unveils your true nature. But most importantly, it’s the first step in the healing process: self-acceptance. In a nude community, there is no judgment, but full unconditioned love and acceptance, because there is no need to neither compare nor compete. Facing your own fear or discomfort will liberate you from your own boundaries. We too often limit ourselves, based on false reasons. Getting rid of your clothes is not to expose your flaws, but to enhance your qualities. Nobody is perfect, but we are perfect as we are. You will see that surprisingly, you are more beautiful than you think.

Why focusing on yoga?

As I mentioned earlier, when I use the word yoga, it is in its full scale, not restricted to its physical level. Yoga includes, along with asana, meditation, mindfulness, deep relaxation (yoga Nidra), breathing therapy (pranayama), mudra (sacred healing gestures), sacred circle, to reach the entire physical and spiritual benefits. In addition, Ayurveda (the Ancient Indian Science of Life) will provide a deep understanding of our true nature, and improve our (physical and spiritual) health. Ayurveda diet and massages are of a huge assistance in all healing process, and self-development.

Thus, Yoga, as much as Ayurveda, is about observing our current state of being, on all levels, exempt of any kind of judgment, understanding that what is now only defines who we are now, not necessarily who we truly are. Seeing the “naked truth” will help to accept limitations as only temporary, and allow us to achieve anything, as long as we reveal, accept and embrace our Authentic Self.

Why naked?

Because the society hides our body to bury our true nature. As member of the society, wherever we are, we are conditioned human beings. As soon as we are born, we are labelled, categorized, and naturally, we have this tendency to label and identify ourselves and others based on so many criteria (body structure, race and nationality, social values, professional and family roles, salary, sexuality, and even worse: presupposed personal strengths and weaknesses…) So, Being nude is a liberation. Being nude is simply the expression of our own uniqueness, without any mask, any conditioning. Being nude is about self-acceptance, and accepting oneself in his wholeness, which is one of the first and very important steps in any healing process.

Why specifically for men?

I have the same program without sex discrimination. But, as a gay man (sorry for the label), I know that to be born in the only minority where your family is not a member of your “own kind”, it can be very difficult and traumatic to be yourself. Even if nowadays homosexuality is more tolerated (and I don’t use the world accepted on purpose), a lots of men still feel rejected, unsecured, even worse, as they don’t fit in any category nor recognize themselves into what we call the BGLT community. For these reasons, I know it’s often easier to take off the mask, be oneself in the company of other men.

In a society where everything and everyone is categorized and separated, where duality rules, it’s nice to immerse yourself in the unity of a “same-sex” environment, feeling free to let go the mask, and be able to express yourself fully, openly, without restriction, in a safe, non-judgemental, loving, accepting atmosphere.

Alone or in a small group, through yoga, mindfulness, meditation, deep relaxation, pranayama, sacred circle, individual therapy sessions or special workshops, get in touch with your authentic self, reconcile your body-mind-spirit unity, improve and increase your health, boost your true potentials, and embrace who you really are.


Once you accept to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete,

you achieve an important step to a long-lasting happiness.

Healing, like evolution, is then only a matter of time.

Learn to be as one with yourself, then with others

and you are already there…