Yoga Therapy Sessions

Yoga Therapy is a holistic approach to help people with health condition(s) (physical or psychological), and focus on the body-mind-spirit entity.

Every program is designed according to each patient, in order to treat, cure or give the support he needs.

Yoga Therapy Programs are highly individualized, and given to offer enough self-knowledge to the patient to be able to continue the treatment once back home.

The first step is a consultation, which has 3 main goals:

  • determine all aspects of the health condition of the patient in its entirety to design the program to-be
  • make sure the patient understands and accepts the program and its implications
  • make sure the patients expectations can match the program

A session lasts approximately 60 minutes, and can consist of breath therapy (pranayama), postural correction, yoga movements and Tibetan yoga of movement, yoga nidra (deep relaxation technique), Dorn therapy, Ayurveda (including massages, proper diet according to your constitution…), cleansing techniques, naturopathy, meditation…

Each session is private (one-to-one), and specially designed according each patient.

Single consultation (non advisable): 25€

Monthly rates (per calendar month):

  • once a week: 100€
  • twice a week: 160€
  • thrice a week: 180€


If you are not in the area, but willing to come and stay here for the duration of your sessions (minimum of a week, depending on your issues), before our first consultation, I will send you a mail with a questioner to ascertain your medical history, and the present problem in all its aspects (which include the diagnosis made by your doctor), and to determine your ayurvedic constitution. Click here to See the conditions

Yoga Therapy week:

  • one session/day: 320€
  • 2 sessions/day: 420€

Yoga Therapy 10-days:

  • one session/day: 405€
  • 2 sessions/day: 555€

Ayurvedic Therapy Massages (daily massage):

  • a week-stay: 250€
  • 10-days-stay: 350€