Naked Healing Touch

Naked Healing Touch offers a holistic approach of life and a complementary therapeutic process, as well as a yoga practice for all levels and ages.

The holistic work addresses many afflictions, from a simple discomfort to more serious conditions, helping people with physical limitation, chronic pains, diseases, emotional disorders, spiritual quest, etc…

The yoga part will give you a closer experience of your body, building up self-confidence and helping you discover the mysteries of your energy, & your inner-world.

Both of these practices uses many tools to help the body, and the mind, to recover and heal, and are completing each other, working together toward the same goal: unlocking your own self-healing capacity.

The Naked Healing Touch sessions:

Part of the Naked Healing Touch, Yoga Therapy, with Ayurveda, focuses on the physical – as well as the emotional/spiritual elements – of the healing process, using the body to access the mind, and trigger the healing. Tantra and Tantric Healing focuses more on the emotional, spiritual and subtle parts of the healing approach, including sexual healing.

To understand the healing process, follow this link:

The sessions can involve different means, which will be chosen and adapted according to your own personal needs. As the name says, the sessions involve nudity, not for a sexual purpose, but because once nude, one drops the mask, the role the society imposed, and brings vulnerability, and acceptance. Nude, we are more connected to ourselves as we don’t “pretend”, and this deep connection is what we are looking for in the healing process. The practice may include:

Yoga Therapy, also called Clinical Yoga, is a holistic complementary therapeutic approach that gives you valuable tools to serve your healing path. Click here to learn more about Yoga Therapy.

A word about Tantra:

Shaivism Tantra is a quest for spiritual perfection. Its purpose is to achieve complete control of oneself, so as to attain union with the universality, and the divine aspect within every living being. There is no separation, no duality, Tantra is a path towards unity, oneness.

Tantra Yoga and Tantric Healing are holistic approaches, and provide practical tools to realize the highest ideals of spirituality in daily life. Instead of separating, dividing and categorizing, their aim is to expand awareness in all states of consciousness, and arise from ignorance, intolerance, attachment, and selfishness, to free our consciousness from its limitations.

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