Ayurveda for Men

The science of Ayurveda is very thorough, and addresses in details the question of sexuality and rejuvenation.

Vajikarana is the 8th branch of the Ayurveda medicine, and deals with the reproductive health (in Sanskrit, “vaji” means horse). This branch is absolutely inseparable from the 7th branch, Rasayana, which deals with rejuvenation.

Here is some information you may find interesting:

  • MASSAGE: when you ask yourself which oils you want to apply during a massage, there are some points you need to consider, as the quality of oils are important:
    • If the purpose of your massage is to reach deep joints or tissues, prefer bitter & pungent oil (like olive oil, castor oil…) because of their penetrating power. However, they are not a good massage base-oil. You need sweet in quality.
    • Sweet oil are very good base for massage oil. All sweet oils in quality are good as they are nourishing and reach all tissues in the body. For example, Sesame oil is a universal base, but hot in potency.
    • If you need oil for the reproductive system, you need sweet and warm in quality. All nuts oil are good, but the best one is almond oil.
    • Using the Marma Points: in general, to help the healing process using the Marma points in the body, you need first determine the area problem. Then, above and before the area, find the Marma points and stimulate them (clockwise to increase flow, anti-clockwise to “block” the area). Clockwise means in direction of the blood flow, and the shape of the muscle. You need to accumulate energy in this particular area. You can apply this principle to stimulate sexual intercourse, you just need to know where these particular points are situated…
  • MEN & the Ayurveda system:
    • Males are moon oriented (Kapha/Vata), females sun oriented (Pitta). Sexual desires and stimulations come from Pitta and Vata. The sexual power comes from Kapha.
    • According to your doshic constitution, (amount of each dosha – Pitta, Vata & Kapha), your relationship with sexuality will be different. If your main dosha is Kapha, you’re all about love and romance. But if you are mainly Pitta and Vata, then it’s all about sex and desires. As Ayurveda is about balance, they have for you some recommendations, regarding to your partner(s). The most unbalanced relationship will be between 2 Pitta (it’s a bomb!) and 2 Kapha (very boring). Kapha & Vata, Kapha & Pitta, Vata & Pitta have a good chance.
  • MEN & sexuality according to Ayurveda:
    • When you know from where sexual desires & stimulations come, and how your sexual power works, you understand that you need astringent and pungent qualities (in food/drink), but in small quantity (in too much quantity, you reach the opposite effect, like with alcohol). To prolong this effect (stimuli), you need sweet quality (because sweet food give energy, & improve the quality). Notice: sweet quality means in Ayurveda nourishing, so nothing to do with cookies or chocolate….
    • In the penis, Ayurveda applies its system as so: Pitta principle represents all circulation & blood flow. Vata, as movement principle, represents the highly active muscle (in 1 word, your penis). Kapha represents all the structural tissues, like pre-cum, sperm, & lube – Have in mind that too much Kapha, and no Vata, equals no erection! We have then to reduce Kapha with herbal pastes, and other potions, but lasts at least treatment 14 days.
    • Sexual activities and energy: losing a tissue increases the aging process. Well, if you want to stay young, and energized after sex, men, keep your sperm inside (don’t ejaculate!). The ejaculation involves the 7 tissues and uses a considerable amount of energy, which means, it is a big aging process.
    • Sexuality and seasons: During summer, we lose our sexual energy because we don’t rebuild it enough. Bear in mind that the heat is just a stimulus, not a reparatory process, and consequently, summer increases the aging process. In hot season, Ayurveda recommends having only one sexual ejaculation a week to have time to recover. The good news is, in winter and cold season, we can have sex daily!

Some aphrodisiacs (tonics) according to Ayurveda:

  • Almonds cook in milk are an aphrodisiac.
  • Almond with real saffron cooked in goat milk nourishes all tissues. It is a tonic (almost a steroid). You can drink it, but you can also use it for massage.
  • Asparagus is a miracle, called SHATA VARI (= 100 MARRIAGES). Cook asparagus in milk steam! You can also powder the asparagus with saffron, brown sugar, sesame seeds and ghee, or steam/cook in milk and serve as a pudding. Highly antioxidant, it’s ideal for bones and reproductive system.
  • Biryani is the best aphrodisiac food (Important: to make aphrodisiac food, you need to use unprocessed products. All ingredients in their simplest natural way!):
    • Biryani for KAPHA: veggies! It must be more pungent, bitter and astringent, so more greens.
    • Biryani for VATA: chicken! As Vata needs more sweet and sour.
    • Biryani for PITTA: mutton! Not too spicy; pungent and salt tastes have to be MINIMAL. Use better low calorie oils, like coconut, olive. Coconut milk is good.

To treat impotency, or increase your sexual power:

  • First, bath in warm water, doing mula bandha (it’s a lock, pushing the perineum upwards, like recommended in the Kegel exercises). Then, repeat that in cold water.
  • Then, poor hot oil on the penis, massage it, poor then cold milk, then a little of warm milk.
  • This entire process needs to be repeated every day.