Holistic Living & Therapy

NakedHealingTouch developed and sustains, through mindfulness, Shaivism Tantra and Yoga, a holistic approach of life; The same principles are applied into the alternative therapy NHT offers.

Yoga Therapy, also called Clinical Yoga, is a holistic complementary therapeutic approach that gives you valuable tools to serve your healing path. Click here to learn more about Yoga Therapy.

Ayurveda, Science of Longevity, sees medicine, diet and life-style very differently from our contemporary westerner vision. To know the specific needs according to our constitution is the key to define an appropriate diet, a conscious healthy life-style and turn food into medicine.

Links about Ayurveda (ayurveda-what-is-that) – Ayurveda Diet (ayurveda-dietetics-of-longevity) – and Ayurveda for Men (ayurveda-for-men)

Massages, directly inspired by the Ayurveda Massages, are part of a healing process, as they can help to relax, thus, easing the body to receive and accept the healing properties of the therapy/therapies in place. Click here to learn more about Massages.

Tantra: the Tantra principles that underlies the holistic approach of NHT is inspired by the Kashmiri Shaivism Tantra. It’s a spiritual path, based on non-duality, acceptance, and compassion. Like Buddhism, it emphases self-awareness, self-acceptance, unconditional love. Tantra offers a holistic and inclusive view of all aspects of our life, to understand the illusion of duality, to become again our Authentic Self/Nature (behind the conditioned mind) and be able to accept ourselves as we are, perfectly imperfects.

Link about tantra and yoga: what-indeed-about-tantra-yoga