Desire Dénouement Tantra Retreat

As tantra and yoga teachers, David and Nickles talk often about life-enriching, joyful and loving experiences. So maybe it shouldn’t have been a surprise that running yoga-tantra retreats would prove to be life-enriching, joyful and much more. This helps explain why we love and revel in hosting these events and why we’re about to do it again.

Our fourth yoga-tantra adventure is designed to appeal equally to those who want to develop and broaden the discoveries of our earlier events and to those who want to join us for the first time. While exploring new ways to work with life force, energy and concepts of wholeness, Desire Dénouement will also expand on the themes of our previous retreats (Seeds of Desire and Aspects of Self Love in late 2017 and Love Unlimited in early 2018). In this case, ‘dénouement’ refers to the principle that tantric experience reaches its full intensity and impact (its climax) only when shared with and offered to others with warmth, generosity and care and through the affect we can have on them.

Our aim will again be to offer a beautiful, affectionate and sometimes challenging few days of shared warmth (both climatic and social).

David and Nickles met a few years ago in London on a weekend yoga workshop. As their paths crossed again in early 2017, they decided to put together their experiences and skills with the aim of offering you the chance to know yourself better: tantra is the understanding of who we are, deeply, in our very core, so we are able to live fully and enjoy our lives in every aspect.

Open to 18+ men, this workshop will give you the opportunity to enjoy a bonding, holistic retreat: with only six guests and two teachers, each of you will get plenty of personal attention, to improve your self-understanding and acceptance, through tantra and nude yoga sessions. This mini retreat is suitable and open to all levels of practitioners, regardless of your experience with yoga and/or tantra.

During this weekend, our tantric exploration will give you a global view on how tantra transcends your life and expands your consciousness. The programme will include morning tantra yoga flow on the terrace, followed by a workshop (mindfulness meditation, tantra, massage, intimacy sessions …) and an evening session. Our ultimate purpose is to give you the tools you need to help you move towards self-realisation.

In the afternoons, you will have plenty of time to relax and revive on the lounge terrace, wander in the ancient town, visit the local naturist beach or explore the nearby coast and mountains. You will stay in a centuries-old traditional Andalusian house on a hill in the ancient Medina of Velez-Malaga, southern Spain; a naturist home with a twist of India and a verdant hideaway (see the house at

When: Friday, June 22, to Monday, June 25, 2018.
Please aim to arrive on the Friday by 2pm; the workshop will end on Monday at around 1pm. For those who would like to arrive a day or so earlier or leave later, please contact David ( directly.

Location: Velez-Malaga is about 35km from Malaga Airport and only 5km from the local nudist beach. The village is easily reachable by bus (direct from Malaga).

Accommodation: Casa Pantha welcomes you in its guest area, with two double-bed rooms and a two-single-bed room (if you’re attending alone, please be prepared to share a bed).

Meals: Each day, a selection of foods will be available for you to create your own breakfast. An Indian-inspired evening meal will be served at Casa Pantha on the Friday, giving you the opportunity to explore and sample the rich local cuisine of Velez-Malaga and Torre Del Mar the other days.

Price: Early bird price, available until May 1, 2018, £325 (around €370, depending on exchange rates) – After May 1, 2018, £350 (around €400, depending on exchange rates). To pay with PayPal, please go to this page:

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David: ( Through years of practice and study, David has developed a unique practice, with a simple and effective method of teaching. His physical practice of yoga embraces the “Universal Principles of Alignment” (from the Anusara and Iyengar approaches) in which he spiritually incorporates the wisdom and compassion of the Buddhist tradition, believing in « The intrinsic kindness and beauty of every being » as found in the Kashmir Shaivism Tantra tradition.

Because David’s style is enhanced by his experience as an Ayurveda practitioner, yoga therapist and tantra practitioner, all workshops and retreats, from a restorative/relaxing approach to the more powerful and challenging practice, are designed according to the students’ levels and needs.

Practicing yoga in its wholeness (which includes tantra traditions, postures and movements, meditation, breathing techniques (pranayama), massage, intimacy, self-exploration and acceptance …) is to become aware of what takes place in our body/mind/spirit, to serve ourselves and be open to everything around us. It is about learning to accept and love ourselves such as we are. It is about finding our own authentic values, through a holistic and individual approach to life, to discover who we really are and to find our true place.

Every person in David’s sessions is respected and honored within his abilities and limitations, not judged but completely accepted just as they are, supported and empowered on their own path. The experience helps to reveal and cultivate the best of the student, which is already to be found within.

Nickles: ( Taking a pragmatic, grounded and student-centred approach to teaching, based on foundations of health, safety and fun, Nickles also embraces the broader, holistic aspects of yoga. His exploration of tantra has included a three-year diploma and courses in many forms of touch and bodywork. Nickles has been a yogi for over a decade and his teaching experience spans more than five years.

Our bodies hold remarkable secrets and revealing them can be exciting, liberating and healing. Yoga, meditation, breathing practices, touch and tantra can awaken powerful physical responses while offering us new perspectives on ourselves and making valuable contributions to the experiences of those around us.