Holistic Tantra Therapy

Tantric Healing is a holistic approach of life, consciousness and awareness. If it can be regarded as similar as a shamanic tradition, the perspective of Tantric Healing comes however through yogic science, Tantra philosophy, and includes also Ayurveda perspectives on life and lifestyle.

From that perspective, any disorder, either physical or emotional, originates from an imbalance, and can be the consequence of a physical inadequacy (like unhealthy food) as well as a more emotional or spiritual dearth. A holistic approach, like Tantric Healing, is not about treating simply the symptoms, but will do its best to find and eliminate the original cause(s), the root(s) of the problem.

Before going further on what is Tantric Healing, and how it works, we have to understand, and accept, that there are a few things that condition our life, our choices, our beliefs, and our deeds. Reciprocally, these choices, these deeds, have consequences, directly or indirectly, on our lives. This is the notion of Karma (to learn more about karma, click here).

The Tantric Healing process involves working on the Chakras (or Wheels of Energy, click here to learn more), on the emotional layers of our being, on the link between body-mind-spirit, through massages, meditation, visualisation, mindfulness, physical postures, etc

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