Massage philosophy

Our relationship with our body (and our sexuality) is too often source of sadness, shame, even sometimes a taboo that brings difficulties in life. Learning again how to feel our body, our emotions, how to relieve tensions, stress, allows very often finding joy in life and happiness…

The body, on its physical and spiritual level, is an inseparable set, which it is necessary to keep combined and known. Massage can be considered as an alternative medicine, especially in terms of prevention, or therapeutic accompaniment. Used daily this way for centuries in numerous civilizations, even today, massage can be part of a daily routine.

Working on a body is not just a physical experience. Forgetting its spiritual aspect is an error we pay in everyday life. Tensions, which we feel further as frustration, or emotion, are as much perceptible as a cramp following a physical effort. Our feelings, our sensations inscribe also on physically various regions in our body, block vital energies, and can cause later on pains and depressive states, even contribute to serious pathologies development.

About “Tantra massage”

Therapeutic, relaxing or even “sensual”, a massage is a privileged moment. When we hear about tantra, especially when it comes to massage, we mostly think about sex. Unfortunately, traditionally, there is not really a « tantra massage ». If so, its specificity should be working in depth, in the purpose of creating unity, unifying body-mind-spirit, for a better connection to the Self, in an safe and non judgmental environment, during which one can really learn to « let go », to surrender, and with time, is going to allow one to develop a connection to others, more authentic, more felt.

Tantra comes from 2 sanskrit word : « tanoti », which means expansion, and « trayati », liberation. Swâmî Satyananda gives a definition I find in perfect agreement with the spirit of my work: « science of expansion of the consciousness and liberation of the energy« .

One of the goals of tantra, no matter we speak about philosophy, yoga or “massage”, is to increase and to activate the flow of vital energy (ojas ) in the body.

Tantra considers every being in its totality, its uniqueness, without separation. There is no separation, either between the body and the spirit, or between the being and the rest of the universe. We form a whole, an entity, connected to all other beings, and with the universal consciousness. The Indian divinities, for example, are there just to remind us the various character traits we all carry in us. This way, the divine is already within us. Tantra is in a way the expansion-expression of the heart, which is close with the Buddhism notion of compassion. Tantra helps us to reach a awakened consciousness, more open, not anymore ego-oriented. According to this principle, any thing is neither good nor bad, but source of transformation, liberating teachings.