Meditation in Motion

Mindfulness Yoga Weekend Workhsop

Traditionally, yoga was practiced and developed to open & strengthen our body, and clear our mind, so we can sit and meditate without dwelling into discomfort, distracted by a monkey mind. During each session, we will explore mindfulness to help you experience a deeper understanding of the Yoga Asanas, and ultimately, a better comprehension of your energies


During this weekend workshop, “Meditation in Motion” will explore in a mindful way the whole range of asanas, from basic postures to restorative ones, along with some more challenging poses. As we will develop a safe yoga practice, thanks to the optimal alignment of the body, we will focus on tuning with a deep breath, allowing our awareness to increase and become a second nature, to be fully present in the moment, whatever we are doing at that precise time.

Mindfulness will be the focus and the intention we’ll put on motion when we will be moving, but also when we will remain in stillness. When deeply in tune with the body and mind, we will be able to notice small vibrations, a contraction, the tightening of the breath, all those small signs that something is about to happen. The body senses thoughts and emotions. So being genuinely in tune with our bodies is a way to be intimately involved in having choice: as we inhabit our body with increasing awareness, we learn its unspoken language and patterns, which gives us tremendous freedom to make choices.

Beginners or advance practitioners, this workshop will give you the opportunity to refine your self-awareness, develop your focus on what really matter for you, deeply tuning into how the body reacts to emotions and sensations. Mindfulness (in motion or stillness) will also organically (through your body) lead you to recognize your own patterns: bringing your body-mind and heart together, you will learn to be present and accept any sensations, feelings and emotions – pleasant, unpleasant, neutral or joyful – without judgement, as a part of yourself, but most importantly, as a sign you may need to listen. By surrendering rather than striving, you will enjoy this weekend as a highly valuable experiential, personal, and intimate practice.


When: April 13-14 – the weekend will be divided into 3 independant – but related and complementary – sessions, one on Saturday afternoon, and two on Sunday (morning and afternoon).

Location: Casa Pantha, Velez-Malaga (Spain). Our small town is about 35 km from Malaga Airport, and only 5 km to the nudist beach. The village is easily reachable by bus (direct from Malaga).

Accommodation: if you are willing to participate to the whole weekend, you can also stay at Casa Pantha in its guest area. (if you’re attending alone, please notice that you may have to share a bed if the retreat is full)  –

Price: 20 €/session– 50 €/weekend (the price includes only the sessions. if you want to stay, rooms are available for 10 €/night)


As the number of participants is limited to 6, don’t wait too long!


Your host:

David is a yoga therapist and Ayurveda practitioner, trained in India and Turkey (RYT 500). Through years of practice and study of many different styles of Yoga, he has developed a unique practice, with a simple and effective method of teaching, with an emphasis on adequate body alignment & breathing. Spiritually inspired by the wisdom and compassion of the Buddhist tradition, each practice becomes a holistic journey that cultivates awareness & acceptance, authentic and universal values that give us the opportunity to discover who we really are, and to find our true place.

Because David’s style is enhanced by his experience as an Ayurveda Practitioner and Yoga therapist, all classes, from a restorative/relaxing approach to the more powerful and challenging practice, are designed according to the students’ levels and needs (especially during Yoga Therapy individual sessions).