NHT Events Year Schedules

Naked Healing Touch is welcoming you for a year of yoga and tantra adventures at Casa Pantha, a safe heaven in Southern Spain. Here below will you find the schedule of all events. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly (yogifolies@gmail.com). Namaste

a more detailed schedule 2019 (page by page) is coming very soon (late due to some health issue, all my apologies) – see below for a complete overview of the full program 2019

From April to November, NHT and Casa Pantha will offer each month an event during the second and the third weekends. The fourth Saturday of each month will provide the Tantra-Evening (click here for more info). That way, if you want to combine 2 events, you can create for yourself a full week yoga holidays, with the possibility of a daily yoga practice between the 2 weekends.

This year, the main theme of the work we will do together is Self-Love, which will be developed and sustained all year long with each event, through the whole spectrum of yoga (postures/asanas, meditation, breath exercises, energy work, deep relaxation practice, etc) toward self-awareness and unconditional love.

The weekend-workshops – unlike a retreat – are open; each session can be taken alone, as a master-class. There will be a session on Saturdays late afternoon, and 2 sessions on Sundays (one on the morning & one on the afternoon).

The retreats, unlike the weekend-workshops, are designed as an entity; therefore, sessions can’t be taken alone, and your stay at the house is mandatory.

Schedule 2019

April 13-14 – Weekend-workshop Meditation in Motion – Each session will explore mindfulness to help you experience a deeper understanding of the Yoga Asanas, and ultimately, a better comprehension of your energies.

April 19-22 – Retreat Shiva-Shakti, from duality to unity – this retreat will give you a deeper connection to yourself, to refine the cohesion between your body and your spirit, and create this inner-unity when the world around us seems to be dedicated to duality.

April 27 – our monthly Tantra Evening (from 7:30pm)


May 11-12 – Weekend-workshop Chakras balancing practice – Each session will help you to understand, (re)discover and balance this chain of energy centres that travels along your upper-body, from the base of the spine to the crone of your head.

May 17-19 – Retreat Yoga of the Breath – we will explore how the breath is a vital element in our body, and how we can use it to intensify our sensations, to build and sustain the postures, and to move energy in the body.

May 25 – Our monthly Tantra Evening (from 7:30pm)


May 30 – June 2 – Retreat Special Ayurveda for Men – Ayurveda is the sister of Yoga, and offers a profound understanding of the human body, its energy, its healing possibilities, etc. You will learn how ayurveda can change your life for the best, in all level (diet, best daily activities, healing tools & basic self-care, sexuality, etc)


June 8-10 – Retreat Balance for Harmony, a mindfulness practice for self-acceptance – every day will explore yoga asanas, meditation, breathing exercises and massage to mindfully and kindly accept ourselves as we are, beautifully imperfects.

June 15-16 – Weekend-workshop Rising from your roots – a grounding practice to explore how the right alignments give you the safety and stability to build up any posture, on a yoga mat as in life…

June 21-23 – Special International Day of Yoga. A full weekend to celebrate life and yoga, and explore self-intimacy through yoga postures, meditation, dance, energy work and “zensual” practice.


July and August, NHT and Casa Pantha will be open, but without any specific event, to offer you the possibility to create your own program, according to your own needs. These programs can of course be taken any time of the year, in between the programmed events.


September 13-15 – Retreat Special Ayurveda for Men – Ayurveda is the sister of Yoga, and offers a profound understanding of the human body, its energy, its healing possibilities, etc. You will learn how ayurveda can change your life for the best, in all level (diet, best daily activities, healing tools & basic self-care, sexuality, etc)

September 20-22 – Equinox Retreat – Inner-quest for awakening – Equinox is the perfect time of the year to become aware again of the balance created by nature, while keeping in mind the impermanence of everything, in order to start our inner-quest toward unity. Apart from a deep connection to yourself & others, this weekend will give you the opportunity to prepare yourself to activate a new growth cycle by honoring your harvest – the fruits of all your good and hard work during this year. Like the natural cycle of a seed is to become a seed again, it’s time for you to be, to be yourself, in your purest essence.

September 28 – Our monthly Tantra Evening (from 7:30pm)


October 12-13 – Weekend Workshop Warriors of Love – Yoga is about unity and union, leading to inner-peace and outside harmony, when the word warrior sounds more like a disturbance of peace. Warrior in yoga is not about domination or vanquishing, rather conquering ourselves, our own demons, whatever forms they can embody. It’s about overcoming our own fears and conditionings, to awake the true warrior inside: our True Nature.

October 18-20 – Fall Retreat Learning toward Self-Practice – A 3-days yoga immersion that will help you learn a practical way to develop a self-practice. Knowing how the body works, how to listen to your own body language, how to apply mindfulness into your own physical and meditation practice are some of the tools we will use to increase self-awareness and deepen your own practice.

October 26 – Our monthly Tantra Evening (from 7:30pm)


November 9-11 – Yoga of Self-Devotion retreat – the ultimate yoga practice of Self-Love. We will resume all principles developed along this year toward unconditional love. Self-Love is not selfishness, or egocentrism. It’s about knowing ourselves and loving ourselves unconditionally to be able to offer it unlimitedly to the rest of the world. Love is one of the greatest strengths we can develop to achieve total acceptance and universal peace.

November 16-17 – Weekend Workshop Rising from your Roots – during this weekend, we will practice the fundamental keys that unlock your own power. A great yoga practice to unlock and cultivate your own strengths, promoting inner harmony and outer acceptance.

November 23 – Our monthly Tantra Evening (from 7:30pm)


If you have any question or request, please don’t hesitate and let me know.

Looking forward to welcome you here, in this beautiful corner of the world, in Southern Spain.

Again, all my apologies for the delay.