Sexual Healing

The Tantric Healing Process as a Sexual Healing Practice

Tantric Healing is also an intuitive work, and establishing a deep trustworthy connection between the healer and the patient is essential, and only possible if the receiver is open enough to believe in the choices he will make.

Let’s take an example: one is not entirely satisfied with his relationship or sex-life, and seek help. When one consults, if thy only preoccupation is about sex and “getting off” instead of focusing on improving thy sexuality, nothing will change. However, if one is willing to find out and understand where this problem comes from, do some efforts and learn, then, changes will occur.

Tantric Healing as I practice it can show you how to get connected deeply with yourself, your body & your mind, to show you how mind and body work together, how to reconnect them on a profound level, to eventually know yourself better, as a whole, and ultimately, reach a more satisfying relationship, with yourself to begin with, then with others, on different plans, sexuality included.

Tantric healing is an alternative healing practice that is becoming more known and accepted as the stigma of concerns (or even fear) attached to sexuality and the body lessens in modern culture. The sexual part of Tantra is an esoteric science of sacred intimacy, and provides a path to help anyone with psychological and emotional issues associated with sex.

Sexual healing seeks to reveal and release the energy knots that block a person’s full experience and expression of their sexual energy. These knots have both a physical and an emotional location, and can limit the flow of our energies, including the sexual energy.

When these blocks to energy flow are cleared, there is a return to feeling a fullness of being alive and engaged with life. Tantric healing sessions, as sacred intimacy, provide an opportunity to release energy knots that limit one’s full experience and expression of his own potential. On an emotional level, releasing these knots gains an enormous amount of personal power, confidence and clarity; on a sexual level, it opens one to greater amounts of pleasure and more profound sensual experiences while feeling integrated wholeness and well-being.

A Tantric Healing session engages the body’s energy centres (Chakras) through energy and breath work, movement, visualization, meditation, massage, sensual touch, and sound resonance. This is an intuitive process that directs and guides the sensing of energy as it moves, builds, ripens and flows. The purpose for these sessions is to create a safe space of trust so the entire being (mind, emotional layers, and physical body) can relax and soften the armouring that prevents the knotted energy from “letting go” and releasing.

The release of tension can never be solely a muscular event. In order for muscles to come out of contraction the mind must also let go; with this letting go, memories are unleashed, along with the fear, anger or horror that initiated the contraction.” The Neurobiology of Touch Part of Attuning to Clients article in Massage & Bodywork magazine Jan/Feb 2009 by Stephanie Mines. And she added:

“It is common for massage therapists to see their clients spontaneously remember trauma in response to touch. It is equally possible for numinous or otherworldly experiences to occur. This is because the hypothalamus transforms the activity of the frontal lobes (awareness) into hormonal messenger molecules. These then communicate with the endocrine glands, including the immune system, digestive system, and muscular-skeletal system. More messenger molecules are then released. When clients experience attunement coupled with compassion and educated touch they are poised for a numinous experience that could substantially enhance their immune function as well as change structure and movement. If this happens sequentially, lives change.”

Tantric Healing sessions are intentionally set up to provide a safe and sacred space for men to discover, look at and release any blocks to the free flow of dynamic, creative, sensual, erotic and sexual energy. There is no threat to existing relationships; on a contrary, one’s relationship experiences a deepening, and a shift into more authenticity, freedom, and joy, as they start to heal from emotional and energetic wounds. This could even work better if the partner is present, when possible.


Memorandum: My needs for sexual gratification are NOT part of the session. The focus is on the client’s wellbeing and intention of healing. The key-words of Tantric Healing are Unconditional Love & Acceptance, Trust, Safety, Mindfulness, Respect, Non-judgment, Openness, Awareness, Oneness and Compassion.