Stay Specials

If you are not living in the Malaga area (Southern Spain), Naked Healing Touch & Casa Pantha welcome you to stay in one of the guestrooms the time of your healing sessions. You can choose one of the « Stay-Specials » of Casa Pantha (click here to see them) or make your selection right here:

Link to the Casa Pantha « Stay-Specials »: simple and easy, no program or activities involved beginner or more advanced practitioners, one of the different programs will fit you holistic therapeutic procedure for any kind of medical/physical/emotional issues, all program will be discussed and designed with a highly individual approach mindfulness and guided meditations are available and can be used with therapeutic purposes, as well as Yoga Nidra (among the deepest possible states of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness) if you want to learn how to give a massage, or you just want to enjoy one, one of these stays is for you only open to couple (partners or friends) who are willing to learn more about intimacy you would love to enjoy massages, yoga practice and meditation, one of these « stay-specials » will be for you