Surrender to Silent Serenity

surrender serenity retreat (2)Surrender to Silent Serenity – Mindfulness Nude Yoga Retreat for Men

During this weekend, our yoga practice will transport us in the world of mindfulness, with gentle movements to begin with, to a more present and challenging session. From a whole range of yoga postures, we will prepare our body and mind to welcome and enjoy mindfulness & meditation.

Through the physical postures, we will cultivate a safe yoga practice, thanks to the optimal alignment of the body, in tune with a deep breath, to develop inner-strength and awareness, openness and inner-peace, essential keys of the union between body and spirit, toward a mindful way of experiencing life, to bring you in a state of mind that only you can sense.

Beginners or advance practitioners, this retreat will give you a physical practice to go deep into your own roots, and an emotional experience to profoundly connect with yourself and all living beings around.


The theme we will develop during these days is Ahimsa, commonly translated by “non-violence”. Besides our yoga practice, we will practice mindfulness meditation, to bring you in a world where Ahimsa is not just another concept, but a way of life, a multidimensional concept, inspired by the premise that all living beings, including ourselves, have the spark of the universal spiritual energy within.

As we surrender to our authentic Self & the present moment,

we silently reach the serenity within. (YogiFolies)

Program of the day:

  • Mornings: Yoga practice followed by a mindfulness meditation, and breakfast
  • Free time until 5pm to rest and relax, to discover the surroundings, and taste the delights of the local cuisine.
  • Evenings: Mindfulness practice


Practical details:

When: Friday, November 16 to Sunday, Nov. 18. You may arrive on Thursday, as the retreat will start on Friday evening (and end Sunday morning, after the session).

Location: Casa Pantha, Velez-Malaga (Spain). Our small town is about 35 km from Malaga Airport, and only 5 km to the nudist beach. The village is easily reachable by bus (direct from Malaga).

Accommodation: Casa Pantha welcomes you in its guest area, with 2 double bed rooms and a 2 single bed room. (if you’re attending alone, please notice that you may have to share a bed if the retreat if full)  –

Price: 260€/person – 390€/couple (the price includes 3 nights, the sessions and breakfasts, to give you the opportunity to explore and sample the rich local cuisine of Velez-Malaga and Torre Del Mar)

Places are limited, so don’t wait too long…


Your hosts:

David: ( Through years of practice and study, David has developed a unique practice, with a simple and effective method of teaching. His physical practice of yoga embraces the “Universal Principles of Alignment” (from the Anusara and Iyengar approaches) in which he spiritually incorporates the wisdom and compassion of the Buddhist tradition, believing in « The intrinsic kindness and beauty of every being » as found in the Kashmir Shaivism Tantra tradition.

Because David’s style is enhanced by his experience as an Ayurveda practitioner, yoga therapist and tantra practitioner, all workshops and retreats, from a restorative/relaxing approach to the more powerful and challenging practice, are designed according to the students’ levels and needs.

Every person in David’s sessions is respected and honored within his abilities and limitations, not judged but completely accepted just as they are, supported and empowered on their own path. The experience helps to reveal and cultivate the best of the student, which is already to be found within.