Tantra Evenings

Let’s explore our senses to rediscover our authentic Self.


Once a month, our evening will allow us, in a small group of men, to connect with ourselves on a deep level, and explore our inner-world, to develop self-awareness, love and compassion, starting with ourselves. Love & compassion can be given only when experienced first towards oneself.

To be clear from the beginning, Tantra means bringing into our lives the principles of the tantras, an ancient wisdom compiled over thousands of years. The sacred books are composed in the form of dialogues between Shiva and Shakti, regarding the changing, visible world as the creative dance of the Divine Couple, and enlightenment as the realization of the essential Self. The practice involves rituals, which can be translated into yoga, meditation, etc

As so, Tantra is not only Wisdom, but also a practical collection of tools and knowledge to reach & become who we really are. Not well understood in the western world, Tantra is a key to a healthy life, and a practice to increase awareness that can transform us into the person we were meant to be.

Practically, the evening will evolve around movement (yoga/dance), meditation, breathing techniques, and intimacy workshop, with the purpose of knowing ourselves better, expanding our knowledge, resolving some issues, and ultimately being able to accept ourselves fully, and thus, others.

The session lasts ~ 2 hours, starting at 7:30pm. If you are willing to participate, please inform me at least 24 hrs in advance! (whatsapp: +34 629 819 633 or mail: yogifolies@gmail.com).  The group is limited to a maximum of 6 people.

(if you are not from here, and don’t want to drive back home, you have the possibility to stay the night at the house in one of the 3 guestrooms – adding 5€ to help with the lodging)

What Tantra is / is not about:

Tantra is a way of life, unconditioned, unaffected by what Societies & Cultures around the world impose to us. Tantra is about discovering who we are meant to be, expressing our full potential, in all aspects of our life.

So, Tantra is not about sex, or sexuality, as assumed by a majority of people who are not yet aware of the full potential they have within. However, in that regard, if sexuality is not the main focus of Tantra, it is not rejected or ignored, but rather accepted as a powerful energy to be explored and transcended.


Tantra is not about sex, nor unconstrained sexuality,

but rather related to the concept of weaving and expansion:

we harmonize the strands of our nature into a unified whole.


Sexuality is a fundamental instinct to ensure species perpetuate themselves. This is a basic, natural requirement. Instilled in our bodies, it’s probably the most powerful – sometimes overwhelming – energy in the body. Like anything else, there are two sides to this coin: sexual energy can be uplifting, or addictive and enslaving. In any case, one must know the limitations beyond it, to be able to choose his path.

The common view by most western men regarding sex is to become stimulated, erect and ejaculate all in a relatively short time for the relief of tension and for pleasure sake. This narrow point of view limits the experience, and leaves a lot to be desired for the powerful life energy that has the power to heal and transform.

As you can now understand, Tantra is more about intimacy, developing self-awareness, and a profound connection first to oneself, then toward others. One of the principles of Tantra is whatever can bring us down can also uplift us. We just have to know our patterns, how we react, to be able to change them if they don’t serve us in our spiritual growth.

Therefore, emotions, thoughts, feelings, desires, nothing is rejected or judged, rather accepted as it is a part of us. Tantra takes the approach that one should not only not reject the body and its desires, but actually embrace them on the path to enlightenment. However, we must be aware of what means “embrace them”: it does not mean we have to be controlled by our desires (or confuse desires with needs) but knowing them so deeply that they don’t interfere any more with our life to control us. By increasing our self-knowledge and awareness, we transform what can be enslaving to become a powerful tool toward self-realization.

In this context (and only then), sexuality and love-making are used to go beyond sex into the realm of awareness. There becomes the sacred experience of love-making, as Tantra shares the view that sexual intercourse can be a sacrament and a means of spiritual evolution.

Tantra is the renewal of vital energy in all its permutations ultimately toward the goal of spiritual enlightenment.