Tantra Massage

Working on a body is not just a physical experience. Forgetting its spiritual aspect is an error we pay in everyday life. Tensions, which we feel further as frustration, or emotion, are as much perceptible as a cramp following a physical effort. Our feelings, our sensations inscribe also on physically various regions in our body, block vital energies, and can cause later on pains and depressive states, even contribute to serious pathologies development.

Naked Healing Touch offers 2 different « tantra » massages:

yatra massage (sensual whole body): an invitation to rediscover your body and your vital energies, to feel forgotten sensations, to overtake emotional/physical blockings… This massage, practised regularly, as a complement to a spiritual practice, accompanies a deep transformation, releases many blockings… It lasts 60 ~ minutes.

  • one session: 45 €
  • 5 sessions-card : 190 € (valid 2 months)

tantra massage (sensual whole body): a stimulation to sense your entire body and its vibrations. This massage is sensual, some would say erotic, but keep in mind that it’s not a sexual service. However, this massage works on the sexual energies, and can provoke strong emotions. It lasts ~ 90 minutes.

  • one session: 65 €
  • 5 sessions-card: 290 € (valid 2 months)


  • My needs for sexual gratification are NOT part of the sessions. The focus is on the client’s wellbeing and intention of healing. The key-words of Tantric Healing are Unconditional Love & Acceptance, Trust, Safety, Mindfulness, Respect, Non-judgment, Openness, Awareness, Oneness and Compassion.
  • Any massage is a privileged moment. Yatra or Tantra massages are working in depth, for a better connection and understanding, in a safe and non judgmental environment. At the time of the session, your purpose is to really learn to « let go », to surrender. The ultimate goal here is to allow you to develop a deeper connection to yourself first, then to others, more authentic, more felt.