Tantra Workshops

Tantra is the “science of expansion of the consciousness and liberation of the energy”. Swâmî Satyananda

Tantra considers every being in its totality, its uniqueness, without division. There is no separation, neither between the body and the spirit, nor between the being and the rest of the universe. We form a whole, an entity, connected to all other beings, and with the universal consciousness. The Indian divinities, for example, are there just to remind us the various character traits we all carry in us. This way, the divine is already within us.

Tantra is in a way the expansion-expression of the heart, which is close with the Buddhism notion of compassion. It helps us to reach an awakened consciousness, not anymore ego-oriented. According to this principle, any thing is neither good nor bad, but source of evolution, liberating teachings.

One of the goals of tantra, no matter we speak about philosophy or yoga, is to increase and to activate the flow of vital energy (ojas) in the body.

The Tantra workshops Naked Healing Touch offer are an invitation to rediscover and deepen your life, your relation with the body & its vital energies, your relationship with yourself and others, and even heal on a spiritual level.

Each workshop approach is about learning and giving another dimension to our relationships – relation to ourselves, relation with others – to go towards another approach of our life and ourselves, our partners, towards another intimacy, with a profound respect. It’s an approach elaborated from various traditions and ancient wisdoms, breathing techniques, active and corporal meditations, massages, etc

Ideal in a couple approaches, but also as self-discovery for a single person, each workshop lasts approximately 2 hours.

  • one session: 90€
  • 5 sessions-card: 390 € (valid 2 months)



  • My needs for sexual gratification are NOT part of the sessions. The focus is on the client’s wellbeing and intention of healing. The key-words of Tantric Healing are Unconditional Love & Acceptance, Trust, Safety, Mindfulness, Respect, Non-judgment, Openness, Awareness, Oneness and Compassion.
  • Your intention for the session: when you come to a session, if your only preoccupation is about sex and “getting off” instead of focusing on improving your sexuality, nothing will change. However, if you’re willing to find out and understand where the issue comes from, do some efforts and learn, then, changes will occur.