Tantric Healing Sessions

Tantric Healing sessions are intentionally set up to provide a safe and sacred space for men to discover, look at and release any blocks to the free flow of dynamic, creative, sensual, erotic and sexual energy. There is no threat to existing relationships; on a contrary, one’s relationship experiences a deepening, and a shift into more authenticity, freedom, and joy, as they start to heal from emotional and energetic wounds. This could even work better if the partner is present, when possible.

As it is also an intuitive work, we will work jointly to establish a trustworthy connection between us, discussing openly any issues, questionings, doubts – etc – you may have about the sessions and our work together. Our purpose is to reveal and release any knots that block – physically and/or emotionally – the full experience and expression of the flow of your energy.

A Tantric Healing session engages the body’s energy centres (Chakras) through energy and breath work, movement, visualization, meditation, massage, sensual touch, and sound resonance. This intuitive process will help directing and guiding the sensing of energy. The purpose for these sessions is to create a safe space of trust so the entire being (mind, emotional layers, and physical body) can relax and soften the armouring that prevents the knotted energy from “letting go” and releasing.

Any session can be taken as a single person or as a couple.

First consultation: 25€

Single person sessions:

  • one session: 30€
  • 5 sessions-card: 140 € (valid 2 months)
  • once a week: 110€/month
  • twice a week: 210€/month

Couple sessions:

  • one session: 40 €
  • 5 sessions-card: 180 € (valid 2 months)
  • once a week: 140€/month
  • twice a week: 270€/month



  • My needs for sexual gratification are NOT part of the sessions. The focus is on the client’s wellbeing and intention of healing. The key-words of Tantric Healing are Unconditional Love & Acceptance, Trust, Safety, Mindfulness, Respect, Non-judgment, Openness, Awareness, Oneness and Compassion.
  • Your intention for the session: when you come to a session, if your only preoccupation is about sex and “getting off” instead of focusing on improving your sexuality, nothing will change. However, if you’re willing to find out and understand where the issue comes from, do some efforts and learn, then, changes will occur.
  • Any massage is a privileged moment. Yatra or Tantra massages are working in depth, for a better connection and understanding, in a safe and non judgmental environment. At the time of the session, your purpose is to really learn to « let go », to surrender. The ultimate goal here is to allow you to develop a deeper connection to yourself first, then to others, more authentic, more felt.