Why Yoga?

Benefits of yoga are multiple.

On a physical level, asanas (postures) participate, among others, in muscular strengthening, slackening of tensions, softening of the body, as well as opening of the subtle channels which allows the prana (« vital energy ») to circulate more freely, totally in the body, accompanied by a conscious breath.

On a psychic and spiritual level, the practice of yoga improves concentration and calming of the flow of the thoughts, and can bring, with time and a regular practice, a feeling of satisfaction, an inner bliss, and a very deep inner self-connection.

Yoga is much more than just a physical/postural practice.

Yoga is a complete and complex system, a holistic approach to serve the health of the physical and spiritual bodies. Yoga treats the body-mind-spirit as a whole.

In the specific case of Yoga Therapy, the practice includes Shatkarma (« cleansing techniques »), Pranayama (« breathing exercises »), Dhyana (concentration/contemplation), Mudras (« gestures »), Yoga Nidra, Mantra Chanting, Omkar Therapy, Meditation, and of course, Asanas.

The Ayurveda, a powerful science of longevity, and sister science of yoga, accompanies also my life around yoga…