Nu-Fly Yoga Practice

For me, yoga is a journey, full of discoveries, secret paths, unexplored land, magic moments, difficult times, awareness, and transformation. It is a inner journey, about your true self, thus a re-connexion with yourself but also with others, in respect and sharing.

About the practice…

Every session (except workshops) lasts approximately 90 minutes, and is adapted according to the level of students.

Concretely, the session begins silently, to focus. Concentrated on the breath, this moment allows us to be more focus on the present moment, on the practice, and to leave our daily life worries in the locker-room, in order to be more focus on the following practice, and us, and take the most of it.

After some warm-up and the famous sun salutations, the practice is according to the chosen level and the flow of various poses takes us up to the final asana, Savasana (total relaxation posture).

Built around a theme, the flow will focus on appropriate postures, which come to support and to develop the chosen theme.

Practice choice is up to you…

« Nu-FLY“ is a nude flow yoga practice, in the respect of each & every person, in a non-judgemental environment, during a physically powerful and spiritually satisfying practice, to feel totally free and liberated. It can be declined in 3 practices, according to student level and needs.

            « back to foundation » is designed to work on the basic postures. Particularly adapted to beginners or those who want to deepen or upgrade the basics, this practice allows to discover our limits without stress, while working in depth on balance and inner power.

            « boost your limits » is an intermediate/advanced practice. Some postures can represent a real challenge, a powerful physical & spiritual practice. Exploring our own limits is the best way to acknowledge them, in order to surpass them.

            « relax & connect » is a relaxation practice, opened to all. Chosen postures associated with an conscious breath will opens smoothly the body to release tensions, and favour the natural flow of vital energies.

The practice

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