Celebrate the breath – Tantra, meditation and nude yoga – october 18-20

Celebrate your breath – Celebrate your life

Tantra & Yoga : movements of breath, body and heart

Weekend Yoga Nu-Fly – 18, 19 & 20 October 2013

Yoga Nu-Fly invites you, for a weekend of nude yoga, reserved for men, to explore your breath, the breath of life. In the splendid flower garden of a « cottage », The « Mas des Fleurs » in Perpignan (South of France), we will celebrate the energy of breath and life, through yoga, Tantra and meditation.

Pranayama, a concept that comes from traditional India, represents, in simple words, the vital energy, which we convey through our body, on a physical and subtle level, through our breath.

With yoga, we will see how pranayama is going to help us to build our inner-strength, and how to use it, through chosen postures. Active meditation will help us to connect deeply with ourselves, to rediscover our sensations, our body, our spirit, to live more intensely the present moment, mindfully. Finally, Tantra, a thousand-year-old philosophy of the non-duality, will guide us further into the exploration of sensations and flow of energy, bringing together body meditation, yoga and massage.

You find in the flyer all details about the program, and all others practical information.

Being undergoing training in Turkey from September 26th till October 8th, e-mail will be the safest and the most practical way to contact me or make your reservation. E-mail: yogifolies@gmail.com




YogiFolies’ best regards,


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