Who am I?



 Take 3 A of Anusara Yoga – Mix with a bouquet of traditional principles
Add a handful of Ayurveda knowledge – Sprinkle with a pinch of craziness
Shake it up & enjoy !
Life seems difficult, a bit inextricable ?
Free yourself ! Find your balance and enjoy !


About me :

– On my way to RYS 500 – Master the Path to Teaching – Chris Chavez – Istanbul

– Anusara Teacher Training with Chris Chavez (RYS 200) – Istanbul

– Ayurveda Therapy, Massage & Dietetic – Kerala, Inde

– Reiki (Level I & II) – Istanbul

diverse workshops

– Shivananda Yoga & Pranayama – The Art of Living – Kerala, Inde

– Nude Yoga with Aaron Star & Yoganu – London, UK

Just for you :

All in English & French (explanation possible in German & Turkish)

Yoga classes & workshops

– challenging, meaningful & fun – based on Anusara principles

– relaxing, distressing & meditative – on Shivananda Indian style

– detox’ing, rebalancing & personal – on Ayurveda perspectives

– « au naturel », liberating & reconnecting – with NU-FLY, Nude Flow Yoga


Anusara Yoga & Ayurveda mostly inspire all my yoga practice. Anusara literally is a spiritually inspiring, therapeutically effective and physically transforming style of Hatha Yoga.

The Universal Principles of Alignment™ are clear and elegant principles that allow the body, breath and spirit to align for optimal strength, freedom and joy, so that these qualities can radiate into every aspect of our lives.

Tantric philosophy celebrates life and the human spirit. The emphasis is on creative freedom, individuality and seeking to see the good in all people and all things.

The journey begins …

The „NU-FLY“ practice is a powerful practice, based on Universal Principles of Alignment™, to assure you a safe physical practice, and on Buddhism & Tantra Philosophy, to fulfil your spiritual path.

It’s a nude flow yoga practice, in the respect of each & every person, in a non-judgemental environment, during a physically powerful and spiritually satisfying practice, to feel totally free and liberated.

Beginners or advanced practitioners, yoga practice will help you, through yoga asanas, breathing exercises, and meditation, to wake up your inner Divine and to become aware of your inner perfection.


based on Anusara Yoga Principles for safety,
with a twist of extravaganza for the fun,
every practice will challenge you,
physically and spiritually.

Yoga is a physical practice, to open your inner space, which allows your life-energy to flow through your whole body.

Reconnected with yourself, your true self, your path through yoga will help you to open your heart and fearless connect with others.

Yoga is a spiritual practice, to calm your mind, which allows your spirit to blossom with grace, in peace.

Reconnected with yourself, your true self, your path through yoga will help you to surpass your fears and fulfil your dreams.

Yoga is a physical and a spiritual practice, to master your body and mind, which allows you to feel grounded and reach your true self.

Reconnected with the whole universe, your path through yoga will help you to reach the Divine inside you and be able to say : I SEE.

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