Weekend Workshops

Along the year, a few weekend-workshop will give you the opportunity to deepen your practice and understanding of yoga, mindfulness, meditation and tantra.

Unlike a retreat, all sessions are public, so open to everyone; each session can be taken separately, as a 2 hours master-class, or you can choose to join the entire weekend.

The weekend is divided into 3 independant – but related and complementary – sessions, one on Saturday afternoon, and two on Sunday (morning and afternoon).

If you are willing to participate to the whole weekend but you don’t live in the area, you can also stay at Casa Pantha in its guest area. (if you’re attending alone, please notice that you may have to share a bed if the workshop is full)  –  casapantha.com

Price: 20 €/session– 50 €/weekend (the price includes only the sessions. if you want to stay, rooms are available for 10 €/night)

You find below a list of the programmed weekends: (click on the dates to see a more detailed desciption of each event)

Overview Schedule 2019

April 13-14 – Weekend-workshop Meditation in Motion – Each session will explore mindfulness to help you experience a deeper understanding of the Yoga Asanas, and ultimately, a better comprehension of your energies.

May 11-12 – Weekend-workshop Chakras balancing practice – Each session will help you to understand, (re)discover and balance this chain of energy centres that travels along your upper-body, from the base of the spine to the crone of your head.

June 15-16 – Weekend-workshop Rising from your roots – a grounding practice to explore how the right alignments give you the safety and stability to build up any posture, on a yoga mat as in life…

October 12-13 – Weekend Workshop Warriors of Love – Yoga is about unity and union, leading to inner-peace and outside harmony, when the word warrior sounds more like a disturbance of peace. Warrior in yoga is not about domination or vanquishing, rather conquering ourselves, our own demons, whatever forms they can embody. It’s about overcoming our own fears and conditionings, to awake the true warrior inside: our True Nature.

November 16-17 – Weekend Workshop Rising from your Roots – during this weekend, we will practice the fundamental keys that unlock your own power. A great yoga practice to unlock and cultivate your own strengths, promoting inner harmony and outer acceptance.

If you have any question or request, please don’t hesitate and let me know.

Looking forward to welcome you here, in this beautiful corner of the world, in Southern Spain.